Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pics at wedding reception amazing sister-in-law!

Rebekah and I :D

EFY '09 at U of U!

Bekah,Anna!!!, & I

Sara & I :)

The Company

OH SNAP! haha

My Samoan friend Spencer...hes so cool!
Jenna from my ward was at the same EFY!
Pizza Night!... Rebekah doing immitations & I'm observing haha :)
Funniest person Ive ever met!!!!!

We were the only ones who loved Pineapple Pizza!

The group!

My counselors with Rebekah on the left & me on the right

Friends from hong kong! (bekah on left, Rachel on right)
The Twins of the group! (Bekah on Left, Rachel on Right)
Our SHADES pic